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How to Order.
You can order our services very easy. To order our services you may write us a  letter with your request, or fill in the order form.

You can transfer your payment by means such ways:

1. By means of credit card. Go to our credit card order page. You should enter the amount manually. The discount is 0%, the duration of approval is 1 days.
   Payment of the order through our site is safe procedure. Processing of the received data of the client (number of a credit card, essential elements, the registration data, etc.) is made by the credit card processor having an own protected SSL-server for processing on-line of payments, and also digital certificate VeriSign. Thus our agency does not receive access to information from your credit card.

2. By means of WebMoney system. Look at the http://www.wmtransfer.com. Our discount is -10 %. You should send us the E-mail and ask us the payment data.

3. By means of the system Western Union. It's the most preferable way, because we give a discount up to 20% regarding indicated above price, and we can start to perform your order immediately. To pay you should send us an E-mail  and ask us the payment data. Then, if your are an USA resident, go to http://www.westernunion.com and make the on-line payment. If you are not an USA resident, go to the nearest department of Western Union in you city (it is located usually in most of banks) and make the payment. The duration of money transferring is 15 minutes. As soon we get the money, as we give you the confirmation and start to work.

4. By Moneygram system (http://www.moneygram.com) . Our discount is -20 %.

For all these cases you may write us the letter to ask payment details from our contact page. 



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